• Orange and Pink Ink Pad


    Another PSA Essentials exclusive, these revolutionary two-color ink pads took home the top prize at the National Stationery Show for Best New Product upon their release. Each pad features one color on the outside ring and a separate color on the inside design. Available in ten two-color combinations ranging from cool to classic, you can decorate, personalize, doll up your projects with zesty combinations like lime and grapefruit pink, royal blue and poppy, turquoise and lime, and holiday red and green. Easy to use, just pop out the old cartridge and slide in the new one. Each ink pad lasts up to 8,000 stamp impressions.

    Award-winning 2-color ink pads for the PSA Self-Inking Stamper

    Ink Color Combo: Lime Green & Holiday Red - 12 other combos available

    Unique one-of-a-kind ink: one color on the outside ring, one on the inside

    Easy to use, pre-filled ink pad, child-safe (no ink bottles, no mess)

    Orange and Pink Ink Pad